Our Story

RedsBet is a betting site fully dedicated to Liverpool fans. 

Wish your bookie did more to reward your loyalty and give something back to the fans?

With RedsBet, there is another way…

Set up especially for Liverpool fans, RedsBet, is a new sportsbook, which partners with you, the supporters, to share half of its profits, meaning that now, for the very first time, it’ll be possible to engage in what we call ‘Win-Win betting’, where if you win you get paid out immediately, but if your bet isn’t successful you can be safe in the knowledge 50% of the company’s profits will find their way back to help both you and like-minded Liverpool supporters.

RedsBet partners with fan groups to give back half of their profits to supporter-chosen causes and initiatives. We avoid traditional forms of costly advertising РTV, Shirt Deals, In Stadium Perimeter Boards Рto instead builds a genuine bond with fans, actively getting to know and help them.

RedsBet is also a place where Liverpool fans can find a wide range of Liverpool Price Specials where we give enhanced odds on a number of different markets.

We’re fully committed to always delivering to Liverpool fans:

  • Loyalty – giving back 50% of net profits to Fan Partners, player friendly promotions, weekly price specials.
  • Live Experience – hosting great live experiences for our players with our Liverpool Ambassadors.
  • Community – great content from the RedsBet Blog – special features, competitions, fantasy games and more.





How do we give 50% back to fans?

Sign up an account today with RedsBet. On the registration form choose the Fan Partner which you would like to be associated with. You will then get tagged to that Fan Partner and any losses you generate will be shared with that Fan Partner on a quarterly basis. The Fan Partner will then use that money to spend on good causes for their members – paying for travel to a European away day, buying new kits for their local Sunday league team, whatever it is they decide worthy.

If you don’t wish to be associated with a Fan Partner, that’s ok, we’re still fully committed to giving back to the fans who play on RedsBet – we will use the money to have Live Experience events where some of our players can watch a game with an ex-Liverpool legend, we will have special Fantasy League competitions just for our most loyal players, we will give you the opportunity to join us on a special away trip (hopefully in Madrid on June 1st 2019)

Our RedsBet blog is the home of all the latest news and happening’s in the world of Liverpool fans who like to have a bet. Please, always remember to bet responsibly and never bet with money that you can’t afford to lose. We have a fast growing player base and they’ve come to us from other sportsbooks. They know this is their true home.